With a K is yet another venture into the blogging space. I have kept multiple blogs throughout the web since 2001, each focused on a specific theme or time period in my life. They were the products of my lively mind; if a topic made an impression on me, I will surely dedicate time and effort in exploring and pursuing it in writing. I also felt more comfortable having multiple blogs, a diversified haven of sorts, without a unified audience that is able to decipher a common origin of the content I write. This was not out of secrecy; it was due to my resistance to being assigned a definition or placed in a box, whether creatively, socially or personally. If you don’t have a writing job, people question when you say you’re a writer, even when you practice the art of writing. If you write experimental poetry, others may think if you can’t write serious news articles. A diary there, a community journal here, a poetry blog in the distance, a photo gallery a few clicks away. They were bits and pieces that spell out my thoughts, but strewn across the web, it also felt that my life and memories were fragmented.

After multiple years of privately blogging and keeping virtual noms de plume, anchoring everything in one place signals a more mature, attuned and deliberate episode in my life, where there are no apologies nor explanations about my identity and passions– that I can have great interest in the business side of marketing/advertising and still have enduring creative passions in writing, photography, travel and the arts.

Kristine is a name that is more commonly seen spelled with a C, but mine is spelled with a K. When I was younger, to identify the correct spelling of my name to people who are tasked to write it, I would always qualify it with a preface– My name is Kristine with a K. Especially those who don’t ask. I want to make sure they have my name spelled right. I wished it were spelled with a C because I thought it looked prettier on paper that way, and I was convinced it would make my life easier– a name spelled in a common way, just like everyone else with this name. I wanted to be identified with a common denominator.

Since then, I realized we have to reframe being different and understand that it does not equate to something negative. It is good to be different, it makes you memorable, distinct, it is you. It is time to own my difference, and this new outlet in the online space signifies a collective but diverse origin. One blog that doesn’t sacrifice the variety of topics, writing styles and range of voice that can come from a single source.

Currently, I reside in Chicago, I lived in Chicago for 4 years, but have since moved back to the place I call home: Los Angeles. I travel in between, to Asia for work, and the rest of the world for learning and discovery.

I consider myself an amalgam of varied places, thoughts and experiences. Prior to Chicago, I spent my teenage years and early-20s in Los Angeles, and I was born and raised in Manila. I am a product of the manifold interests, ideas, places, responses, identities and cultures I’ve been exposed to, and I’m continually stimulated by my experiences. Explore and live artfully, deliberately. You already have it within you, you are ready– this has always been my motto.

Bite-size gratitude posts: Sense and Sunshine

Travel journal: You and Portmanteau

Marketing blog: Marketmuse


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