Seeing Europe with my Sister

FullSizeRender 4

Musee D’Orsay, overlooking the magnificent Louvre, in Paris, October 2015

I’m still dreaming about the Europe trip my sister and I took together. It is really special to travel the world with a sibling.

We encountered so many breathtaking, varied sights.. immersed in a vast range of perspectives, observed from atop hills and beneath towers, touched deeply by the breadth and depth of the human condition… encountered within arms length the glitter of luxury and the throes of the refugee crisis, traveled through air, by train, taxis and traversed on foot… enjoyed modern travel lifestyle via Uber and Airbnb, felt the joys of welcome at each border and the sting of parting places that have become special, met challenges to my patience and some petty inconveniences, debated over the dimensions of identity and allegiance… came back to my literary senses, my artistic proclivities, felt again what’s it like to step into high creativity and just be… reminisced in past experiences, lived in the present and looked forward to greater ambitions…. and humbled many, many times over by the kindness of people, the richness of our experiences, intelligent design of natural things, and guiding grace. Ours is an incredibly awesome world and let me tell you.. in it exists a place for everyone’s interests, hopes, dreams and desires to happen.. with a little magic, in abundance.. so find your place in the world and put your mark on it.


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