Breathtaking Alps

Day 6 of #KateKimEuropa

If there is one word to describe the Swiss Alps, it would be breathtaking. Both in terms of beauty, and vertigo when you realize how high up you are!

It’s natural beauty at its finest. I shall want go to the Alps again and again, and never get tired of it. We took a cog train to Mt. Pilatus, with a height of 6800 ft. The train ride was a little shaky, but we felt safe inside it. As the train ascended, the view unfolded.. from the grass at the foot of the mountain, to the towering pine trees that surrounded us, as our eyes lay transfixed to the snowcapped Alps. It is hypnotizing and therapeutic to witness nature and creation. We transcend to a higher state of mind in its beauty.

We walked around the viewpoint planned for tourists, embracing Mt. Pilatus. It was slippery and snowy, and we trembled slightly as we held on safety rails. It was colder up there with all that snow, but the sun was shining very brightly that it was enough to help us stay outside a bit longer. After we’ve had our fill of the brisk Alpine air, we settled inside the restaurant, had traditional Swiss food (sausages and pasta), tea, and of course Swiss chocolate. It was complete bliss to be high up, eating good food, experiencing the view, and knowing how lucky we are to have the opportunity to be there.

Sometimes when we travel, we are so busy checking off our things to see and do, or we’re encumbered by the logistics of transit, then by the time we get to a place of rest, we are so exhausted. We rest, wake up, and do it all over again. We’re consumed by our need to take perfect pictures, taking multiple shots for a single pose. We’re all guilty of this. So it’s so special to me when in the midst of travel, I am aware that I’m traveling– that I’m in a different country, experiencing new things, and even if it sounds easy to book a flight and travel these days, there were so many little things that had to align (schedule, vacation approval, budget, itinerary agreement, availability of tour, weather, safe arrival, etc) and it all did for me. It’s all a blessing that I know I should never take for granted.

Beyond the travel logistics, I am fully aware that the things I’ve cultivated, prioritized, devoted to– my love of travel, commitment to it, list of travel goals–  along with the decisions I’ve made through it all, over the years, have all led me to this point, to be standing here at one of the highest points in my life I’ve ever had the pleasure of standing on. Literally and figuratively.

And this trip, these pictures, these stories, this realization… I’m blessed to be able to share with you all.


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