Train Diaries

Writing and reading on a train are some of my most favorite activities.

While on the train to Zurich…

I am on the train going to Zurich right now, on the high speed TGV train. This train goes 300 kmh/hr, so fast that we’ll get to Zurich in just a couple of hours. It is early morning, and sunrise here arrives a little later. At 9:50 am, there is light outside, albeit I can’t see the sun just yet. When I look out the window, I see fields of the countryside, cottages, and cows. There is an Indian couple next to us. The lady smiled at me when I happened to glance at them, as if to comfort us on this trip, or perhaps seeking comfort from us.


I’m in the window seat. The woman infront of me is on her laptop, editing a presentation. From the crack between the seat back and the window, I can see the reflection of her laptop. It looks like she’s working on a plan for either human resources or international development. Some of the slides are in an Eastern European language or Greek. My observation makes me think about what life would be like if I pursued international development. To live internationally, among highly diverse coworkers, work on important issues and travel multiple countries… contributing my skills and global ideas. I’m drawn to that life, so much so that I feel it’s in the plan for me. But then again, I think about my life right now and that’s exactly what I’m doing– I live internationally, I travel in multiple places, and even if I don’t work in international development or humanitarian causes, I work in technology in a developing place where it is making a large impact in connecting people. I am living the dream, so to speak.

Traveling, especially when I’m in transit, makes me dream. The movement inspires me. I get ideas on how I can do more. When I travel, I get a sense of perspective that I can’t get anywhere else. I feel unhindered, filled with possibilities, and free.


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