Experiencing joie de vivre in Montréal, Canada


My sister and I just spent the past weekend in Montréal, hoping to catch the Montreal World Film Festival (Festival des Filmes du Monde) and do a bit of weekend exploring. What we experienced was something more than just a typical weekend exploration of taking pics here and there, sampling local cuisine and seeing local arts. We were acquainted with the art of joie de vivre, a lifestyle that revolves around taking pleasure in the joys of ordinary, daily life. It was quite inspiring how French culture is prevalent in Montréal life; in fact, Montréal reminds me of a French city outside of Paris, such as Lyon or Nantes. The daily culture around these places is about enjoying the good things in life with a manageable pace, and you see this in the fresh food available to attentive food preparation to ending the work day at 5 pm and enjoying quality time with family, friends and neighbors.

The trip was also a time for me and my sister to bond and talk about our dreams and goals, reminisce about our past travel experiences, and together discover a new and a different way of living. Je t’aime Montréal!