Taking a Break at Home and Thinking of Life Plans

It’s Memorial day weekend, and I’m back home in LA, spending time with family and friends. I’m here for a celebration of us three graduating in 2014. I love being at home. I’ve made many trips back home while living in Chicago, and I think this is the first time that I feel the most content. I still have homework to do, study proposal letters to write, and a list of things on which to follow up, but I feel a sense of calmness and stability these days perhaps due to the point in my life I’m in right now. I’m doing well at new job that was a source of a recent promotion, I just moved to a beautiful apartment, I’m about to graduate from my master’s degree, and I’ve been checking off a lot of things on my bucket list. Life is good, and I am very thankful for everything I’m given.

They say that you discover what you love best when you let your mind wander and see what you always come back to. If there is a recurring thought in my life, it’s traveling, exploration and writing. When I graduated from undergrad, I told myself that I am going to make it a point to travel the world. I’ve been to my share of great destinations and adventures, and I seem to want more. It’s when I’m out there– in a different place, or getting lost in an unfamiliar city, or even waiting for hours in an airport hearing different languages– that I feel at home. It’s when I’m in between places that I feel like I’m in the right place, and this theme is definitely a thread in my life. Growing up in a different place, living between different cultures (both my own and my friends’), and now based in a city that is entirely different from everything I’ve known before moving there 3 years ago… these are the factors that further reinforces this hybrid thematic in my life.

Every time I catch myself having some free time, how ever long or short, whether I’m on the bus, walking or even laying in my bed just after waking up, I’m always thinking about where I’m headed, both in terms of location, and direction in life. I dream of having a bit of time to travel many different places and exploring as much as I can, and right now, these are dreams. I haven’t thought about the details of activating them, because whenever I begin to, I’m always stopped at how, from which I can never proceed on the next thought. How am I able to do this when I have a job to keep? How am I ever able to do this without my savings taking a blow and possible detouring other plans that I have? The easy answer to this is to take a job abroad, and I’ve been researching options currently that will take me in this direction.

I’m always in the mindset that I can pack my bags and leave, and this drives a lot of decisions in my life. It affects where I put my money, the job I take, the degree I pursue, how much stuff I accumulate, where I attempt to make connections, and so on. I also always dream of writing, more so before graduate school when I have more time to dream, but writing is something that can be done anywhere and I will always have. The only key element needed with writing, is time, which sounds simple compared to what’s needed to travel, such as financial resources, personal connections, among other things on top of time. But time may be the one factor that is scarce in my life right now, which hopefully won’t be for too long since I am about to complete my master’s degree.

Life is great right now, and I am always trying to steer it in a direction that makes it even better. Right now, I feel that I can accomplish anything I want to do, I have the support of wonderful people in my life, I enjoy making new friends and I believe in myself. I also acknowledge that all of these– the ability to do anything I want, and all that is present around me which enables this– are great luxuries for which I’m thankful, and I hope to further use toward that which is good.