The beauty in everday

I’m always one to capture everyday moments that reflect beauty. It may be a bud awaiting its bloom, soaked in the early morning mist. It could be taking a train early in the morning that it makes you see the city in a different light. It could be the sound of a piece of classical music that lifts your soul and mood. It could be a warm cup of tea. There’s so much beauty in everyday and when we get too busy, stressed or disappointed, I hope we’ll always remember to take time, slow the pace, and always go for the beautiful, the positive.


Lessons learned on the first week of February

– The best way to get to know others and feel part of a bigger whole is to reach out to them. Sometimes we have preconceived notions of what people think of us, but in reality, all they are waiting for us to connect. Tell a story or two. Laugh with them. Comment and compliment.
– I have full rights to my dreams and goals, an equal one, even when it’s something a lot of people want. I’m going to claim it because I believe I can.
– The power of meditation, me-time, exercise and faith can never be overemphasized.
– Having friends over to watch games and tell jokes are one of the best things in life

Things I can improve on:
– Lessen being apologetic
– Always act in a position of strength and authenticity
– Be willing to help